Hardwick FamilyThe Native Lifestyle balance program has helped us to learn ways to be a healthier family. We had a great time with our group and learned a lot about fitness and cooking and even though we felt like we knew a lot, we still learned quite a bit more. We loved how the classes taught us how to make healthy meals easily and on a budget and provided us with a lot of the tools needed to be able to make healthier meals and make exercise a regular part of our life. They taught us ways to get healthy with our kids with meal ideas and tricks and ideas on fun physical activities to do with them. The staff was great and they worked with us individually to learn what we wanted to know more about and offered us tons of support and encouragement during the classes and in the After-Core classes. I encourage all families to take part in this amazing opportunity and take the first step in starting to live a healthier lifestyle! The support, education and encouragement they offer is immeasurable! –Chris & Leslie Hardwick



Susan GaryI have put exercise in my daily life, and go to the wellness center after attending classes. I now know, it is up to me, to get my heart moving. My husband and I now go for walks, which we never did before, both of us are not diabetic, but are overweight. The instruction I received is what I can fall back on. I go for walks around Plummer, about 6 blocks and feel I am getting stronger. This is all prevention for me, as I do eat the old American Diet at times, but watch what I eat in the evening, and feel I have a better balance with my food intake. Thank you Native Lifestyle Balance Program for getting me the education, materials, fun runs, tee shirts, etc. in order to stay healthy.
-Susan Garry



Treva Mitchell

The Native Lifestyle Balance Program has helped me understand the importance of making healthy choices. I have lost over 40 pounds since I started working with the program and I am more active than I have ever been. They helped me find my smile again…
-Treva Mitchell

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